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Why Shimon Peres’s Life Had ‘No Room for Small Dreams’

The Middle East has long been a place of political, religious and ethnic turmoil. One of the men who worked hard for most of his life to bring peace to the region was Shimon Peres, Israel’s former Prime Minister and President.


Israeli nationalist first and a peacemaker second

Shimon Peres, often described as “the last of Israel’s founding fathers”, has died at 93 after a major stroke. Peres was a pillar of the Israeli political scene from the state’s founding in 1948 until his death, and his passing has been marked with tributes from around the world.


Leader, Poet, Dreamer

Statesman, Ninth President of the State of Israel, Prime Minister, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, a man of action and vision.


A Man of Contradictions

The truth is that Peres’s attitude toward the use of violence was not merely preparatory for defense and deterrence.


Shimon Peres: Loser, schemer or romantic?

Shimon Peres argued that peace is an Israeli need and not a favour to Arabs or Palestinians.

The architect of Israel's nuclear program

Perhaps his greatest achievement was the ability to make Israel's enemies believe that Israel had the ultimate strategic deterrence and a nuclear monopoly in the Middle East.


Shimon Peres Quotes

Television has made dictatorship impossible but democracy unbearable.