The Prime Minister Collection

An exclusive art collection, comprised of roughly 100 portraits, created by renowned artists, depicts all the Prime Ministers of Israel, past and present. The collection documents the dynamics of Israeli politics as well as the development of its leadership, since the birth of the state until the present day. Though most of these works of art don’t flatter their subjects, often displaying their weaknesses, the collection as a whole, honors the Israeli leaders that built and sustained the country. We present these portraits as a token of respect for the vast contribution of the various prime ministers to the state of Israel throughout its existence.

About Us

The Aharoni Fund for Art and Leadership, founded by Amos Aharoni, encourages and financially assists artists, towards the advancement of artistic projects, that will contribute to the creation of a platform for the expression of political opinions and social relations, through the arts, and to document, both in real time and in retrospect, the Israeli leaders according to the intensity of the actual events, as well as the depth of emotions that accompany Israeli politics.
The fund maintains “the Prime Minster Collection” since 2001, and appeals to artists to present their candidacy for the purpose of presenting creations and drawings, that will serve to further enhance and expand the Prime Minister collection.

The Aharoni Fund encourages free sharing of information, and will grant the rights to use images from the collection for educational and recreational purposes. All we ask for in return, is a hyperlinked credit to The Prime Minister Collection, linked to this website.