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The Man Who Transformed Israel

He was the first prime minister from the Israeli right, and the first to represent the disenfranchised ‘Second Israel.’ 


The Man of a Thousand Faces

What do Mr. Halperin, Rabbi Sassover, and Dr. Konigshoffer have in common? How the head of the Irgun evaded capture by the British Police, time and again.


Menachem Begin on Democracy and Constitutional Values

Does a deep commitment to liberalism and democracy conflict with nationalism and commitment to the security of the state?


The Absent Leader

Our story begins around 1863 in Brest, a Polish town about 150 miles east of Warsaw and then under Russian rule.


The Great Speeches: Menachem Begin’s Civil War Threat

In Begin’s speeches, the icing on the cake has always been the content.

Menachem Begin And His Lasting Contribution To Israel

Many aspects of Israel’s national security situation today, which is almost the best it has ever been, began taking shape at the time of Menachem Begin. 


Quotes by Menachem Begin

"The difficulties of peace are better than the agony of war."