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A Brief History

The past and present of the 17th Prime Minister of Israel.

Israel’s Covert Mission to Destroy a Secret Syrian Nuclear Reactor

It was August 2007, and Military Intelligence chief Yadlin had crafted a plan to send elite commandos from the IDF’s General Staff Reconnaissance Unit, deep into Syria. Covert operations like these need to first be approved by the prime minister.

A Conversation With Ehud Olmert - February 12, 2020

"Now, I think that the Palestinians ought to be part of this game. Without them, there will not be peace.”

The Last Dove

Olmert’s effort to strike that deal with the Palestinians in 2008 failed, but not by much. Tal Kra-Oz sat down with Olmert and discussed his political journey, his near-miss peace talks and his thoughts on Israeli politics today.