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Unsung Israeli Prime Minister

Levi Eshkol has gone down in history as a ditherer, but in an alternative history of Israel one can imagine him turning the Six-Day War into an opportunity for peace.

Water Superhero

I realized that it was high time to dedicate an article to this fascinating leader.

Israeli premiership’s finest hour

Tragedy has seldom been more intense.

Forgotten Hero

Israel’s third prime minister offers a different model of Jewish leadership. 

 A Founder - A Mentch 

The man, the leader, the friend - what did partners, adversaries, historians and friends write about him? 

Israeli Cabinet Minutes From Six-Day War

From Fear to Euphoria to Arrogance: transcripts of government meetings in 1967

Levi Eshkol Quotes

"Put three Zionists in a room and they will form four political parties."