Born on February 26, 1928, General in the IDF, Knesset member, minister in several Israeli governments and its eleventh Prime Minister. 

Sharon was one of the founders of the Likud party, which advocated the Greater Land of Israel. During his thirty years of political activity, he was known for his militant approach to the war on terror, and his support of the settlements. He was even called the "father of the settlementsד. Sharon is a controversial figure, in Israel and abroad. He was regarded as a brave warrior, founder of the legendary 101 Unit, a war hero, who developed effective methods of fighting terrorism. In the eyes of others, however, he is considered a forceful, reckless and corrupt man, who dragged Israel into an unnecessary, bloody war (the first Lebanon war, in 1982) a result of which, he was forced to resign from his role as Minister of Defense.

In September 1999, Sharon was elected head of the Likud, and served as The Opposition leader until the 2001 elections, in which he was elected Prime Minister and formed a National Unity Government. This period was characterized by a wave of terrorist attacks and suicide bombings, and an economic recession. In 2002, Sharon led Israel to Operation Defensive Shield, in which Palestinian Authority infrastructure and terrorist infrastructure in Judea and Samaria were destroyed.

In 2003, after being re-elected Prime Minister, Sharon's positions reversed completely: he announced a unilateral disengagement plan, and in August 2005, evacuated all Jewish settlements from the Gaza Strip, and four others in Samaria. The disengagement was contrary to the will of Likud functionaries, to the party platform, and to everything Sharon stood for before the elections. He fired the ministers who opposed him, and refused to hold a referendum. Therefore, his opponents on the right, declared him a liar and a dictator. Some claim The Disengagement Plan caused the dismissal of the bribery and corruption allegations against him. According to Sharon, the possibility of peace, justified the territorial concessions. Finally, Sharon resigned from the Likud, and while still holding office as Prime Minister, created a new party, headed by him - the Kadima party.

On January 4, 2006, Sharon suffered a serious stroke, which led to the transfer of his powers as Prime Minister and Kadima leader to Ehud Olmert. He passed away on January 11, 2014, after eight years in a coma.