Yigal Shtayim

Yigal Shtayim. Born in 1966 in Haifa. autodidact. 

Social activist, painter, curator of photography exhibitions, and publisher of their books. Since 1992, resides and works in Tel Aviv.


2008 –  PDN Annual Award 

1995 ACUM Award - set design for music video "Magic" / Amir Lev 

1994 Gold Record - Record Cover Design / "Eifo HaYeled" 

 ״Yigal Shatayim's studio In Tel Aviv, has long been, not only a place of creation, but no less, a place of rescue. Every day, clothes, shoes and toys, are accumulated in the studio for refugees in need, who until recently, even slept there. The painter, who has become a social activist, devotes quite a bit of his time to refugees, and also pays a considerable personal price."