Uri Lifschitz

Uri Lifschitz (1936–2011) was a renowned Israeli painter, sculptor and artist. Lifshitz has often created prints, using engraving techniques, and produced many colorful and wildly expressive paintings and drawings.
He Grew up in Kibbutz Givat Hashlosha. He acquired his artistic skills mainly through self-learning, and at first, painted mostly in an abstract style. His first solo exhibition was in 1961, at the Aked Gallery in Tel Aviv, and since then, Lifshitz has exhibited widely, in various galleries throughout Israel and abroad (Amsterdam 1966, New York 1966, Sao Paulo 1970). During his career, Uri Lifshitz won many awards, including the Kolev Prize from the Tel Aviv Museum (1965), the Erasmus Foundation Prize (1966), and the Dizengoff Prize (1985).
Of his works, Lifshitz said: "True art is created inadvertently."