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Ilan Itach

Ilan Itach's Biography

Ilan Itach is a self-taught artist from an immigrant, working-class
neighborhood in Jerusalem.

His studio is nestled on a hilltop overlooking Jerusalem 's picturesque Old City.

However, Ilan Itach has spent considerable periods of his professional
career painting abroad, particularly in Spain 's Toledo and seville.

The artist's broad array of subjects includes landscapes, urban scenes, and portraits in the form of oil paintings, etchings, and mixed media.
Ilan is presently exploring the void and detachment of modern society and hopes that his art will offer others spiritual sustenance.

He draws inspiration from his rich Moroccan heritage, the incomparable beauty of Jerusalem, and his deep love for his wife Sharon. {a flamenco dancer}

Ilan Itach lives and works in Jerusalem. He was born there in 1975.
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