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Ehud Olmert

Ehud Olmert's Biography

Ehud Olmert (Hebrew: אהוד אולמרט‎; Arabic: إيهود أولمرت‎; pronounced [ɛˈhud ˈolmeʁt], born 30 September 1945) is the 12th and current Prime Minister of Israel.


Olmert became the interim Prime Minister on 14 April 2006 but had been exercising the powers of the office as Acting Prime Minister since they were transferred to him on 4 January 2006 after Ariel Sharon suffered a severe hemorrhagic stroke. His position as head of government was confirmed upon the formation of the 31st government on 4 May 2006. He is a member of the Kadima political party.

Olmert has previously been the Deputy Prime Minister of Israel, Finance Minister, Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor, and Minister responsible for the Israel Lands Administration, as well as Mayor of Jerusalem.


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