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Moshe Sharett

Moshe Sharett's Biography

Moshe Sharett (Hebrew: משה שרת‎, born Moshe Shertok (Hebrew: משה שרתוק) on 15 October 1894, died 7 July 1965) was the second Prime Minister of Israel (1953-1955), serving for a little under two years between David Ben-Gurion's two terms.

Early life
Born in Kherson, Ukraine, then part of the Russian Empire, Moshe Sharett emigrated to Palestine in 1910. His family was one of the founders of Tel Aviv. He was a member of the first graduating class of the Herzliya Hebrew High School. He also studied in Ottoman Istanbul and attended the London School of Economics. During World War I Sharett served in the Ottoman army as a junior officer.

Sharett's sister Rivka, Dov Hoz's wife, died in a car crash in December of 1940 while driving to an Aviron board meeting. Also killed were Sharett's other sister, Tzvia Sharett, Rivka's daughter Tirza Hoz, and Hoz's business partner, Yitzhak Ben-Yaakov.

In his book "Perfidy", Ben Hecht claimed that Sharett purposely prevented Joel Brand, a member of the Jewish Agency's rescue commission, from saving an immediate 1,000,000 Hungarian Jews from certain annihilation. Hecht's claims, however, are disputed. Hecht himself was a supporter of the Irgun and of the Israeli Revisionists, and a vocal opponent of Weitzmann, Sharett and Ben-Gurion, and had therefore some political motivation in publishing these claims. The accuracy of the claims is a matter of continued debate.

Since 1987, Sharett has appeared on the 20 NIS bills. The bill first featured Sharett, with the names of his books in small print, and with a small image of him presenting the Israeli flag to the United Nations in 1949. On the back of the bill, there was an image of the Herzliya Hebrew High School, from which he graduated. In 1998 the bill went through a graphic revision, the list of Sharett's books on the front side was replaced by part of Sharet's 1949 speech in the UN. The back side now features an image of Jewish Brigade volunteers, part of a speech by Sharett on the radio after visiting the Brigade in Italy, and the list of his books in small print.


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