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Daniel Serhio

Daniel Serhio's Biography

Daniel Serhio was borrn in argentina ,1962.

In 1969 he immigrated to Israel with his family.
Served the Israeli army for three years, it took him four to get over it. At the age of 26 started painting , inspired by the birth of his first son ,Sitar.

Daniel is a self taught artist .

1989 moved to Los angeles (usa).

Showed his works in galleries , museums.
Took part in community projects in north Hollywood with local gang members . Did commitions and also painted bollboards for record companies.

In 1994 Serhio returned to Israel.
Daniel Serhio has studio in Tel-aviv. Did shows in galleries but mostly
shows his works in his own studio. 

Besides the work in the studio , Daniel participates in public projects ,painting murals.

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