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Batia Lichansky

Batia Lichansky's Biography

Batia Lichansky remains, for years after her death, one of the towering figures in Israel art and sculpture. Her work is part of the canon in Israel in every sense of the word, the result of the meeting of Batia the artist and Batia as a powerful woman, whose personal history is interwined with the history of the state of Israel. 

While her work crosses genres, including as it does public monuments, busts, miniatures and free compositions, her style and intent form a pattern of celebration: a celebration of the human spirit.

Batia Lichansky was born in turn of the century Ukraine, into a traditional Jewish shtetl. She and her family emigrated to Palestine in 1910, settling in Jerusalem. After studying at the prestigious Jerusalem art school "Bezalel", she continued at the Art Academy in Rome, the Kunstgewerbe-schule in Berlin, and Beaux Arts Academy in Paris. 

Lichansky participated in 38 exhibitions, including 16 one-woman shows. These were held all over the world, including Paris, Zurich, Amsterdam, New York, Montreal, Cairo, Jerusalem, and all over Israel. Twice she was awarded the Dizengoff Prize (1944;1957), and was the recipient of the Israel Prize in 1986. Following her work is like following the history of the pre-state 'yishuv,' the early days of pioneering Israel, and the development of Israel into a modern society. She recorded her environment, and in so doing became a major influence in Israeli art.

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The information and the photo are from Batia Lichansky memorial website


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Batia Lichansky memorial website
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