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Articles regarding Ehud Barak

A Conversation With Ehud Barak - washingtonpost.com
The former Israeli prime minister and current defense minister talks about Iran, Pakistan, Gaza and the peace process
Operation Spring of Youth - 1973 Israeli raid on Lebanon

The 1973 Israeli raid on Lebanon (code-named Operation Spring of Youth) took place on the night of April 9 and early morning of April 10, 1973 when Israel Defense Forces special forces units attacked several Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) targets in Beirut and Sidon, Lebanon.

The source: wikipedia.org

Camp David and After: An Exchange

The following interview with Ehud Barak took place in Tel Aviv during late March and early April. I have supplied explanatory references in brackets with Mr. Barak's approval.

The source: nybooks.com

Barak quits; will not be part of Sharon's government

Prime Minister Ehud Barak last night announced for the second time his resignation from politics. In a decision that caught most political pundits off guard, Barak stated that he would not serve as Defense Minister in a national unity government led by Ariel Sharon.

The source: http://www.israelinsider.com

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