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Articles regarding Shimon Peres

The Peres Center For Peace
The Peres Center for Peace is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental organization founded in 1996 by Nobel Peace Laureate, former Prime Minister, and current President of Israel Mr. Shimon Peres, with the aim of furthering his vision in which people of the Middle East region work together to build peace through socio-economic cooperation and development, and people-to-people interaction.
Shimon Peres' speech on the occasion of his inauguration as President
Remarks by Foreign Minister Shimon Peres on Receiving the Nobel Prize for Peace
Shimon Peres Interview - Academy of Achievement
Shimon Peres: I was born in a small Jewish shtetl that -- during the two wars, the first and the second it was under Polish control -- but otherwise it was Belarus. Russians. And they hated the Poles. They wouldn't speak the language. The place I was born was a very small place, totally Jewish, and we were living neither in Poland nor in Russia. We were living in Israel from the day I was born, even before emigrating.
Shimon Peres's quotes