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Articles regarding Moshe Sharett

Moshe Sharett on Jewish Agency of Israel site

Sharett's central achievement was the development of the methods and machinery of Zionist and Israel diplomacy. 25 years of his life were devoted to the task of training men for diplomatic work, in particular with the developing nations among whom Sharett believed Israel could play a special role.

A Dove Among Hawks: Moshe Sharett

This article, originally published in "Midstream", is most insightful in explaining the tragedy of Moshe Sharett's conflict with David Ben-Gurion, reflecting the opposing backgrounds, views and policies of these two pillars of the nation.

The source: www.sharett.org.il

The Alternative That Flickered

“My country has left me”
by Yaakov Sharett.

"My country has left me... It is not up to me to run this country, which seems to be an impossible thing to do without resorting to adventurism and deceit. I am incapable of either. I will forever weigh the risks and not rush into an adventure. I will be cautious and not gamble with our future. I am not being self-righteous nor am I pretending to be so..."
The source: www.sharett.org.il

Treasure Trove

Excerpts of an article in the Jerusalem Post, May 4 1979, by Joshua Justman, written upon publication of Moshe Sharett's 8-volume Personal Diary, annotated and edited by Yaakov Sharett, an important and controversial publication at the time, still relevant today. – Ed.
The source: www.sharett.org.il

Unpublished Sharett diaries

Unpublished Sharett diaries dig deeper into defense minister Lavon
By Tom Segev, Haaretz, August 23, 2007

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